Your photos never leave your phone

You never have to upload your photos anywhere, and your photos never leave your phone. Just like when we used to view physical photos in albums together, you must invite your friends to view your photos directly from the source, your phone.

You control and own your photos

With Picaboo, we allow secure and private access to your photos directly from your phone and never store or scan your photos. Your friends can access the photos you selected to share only when you want to let them. Just launch the Picaboo app to allow access to the photo collections you create in the app.

Not another social network

Picaboo doesn't force you to sign up for yet another social network. Feel free to share your special, private moments with only the people you choose, and they can view the photos without downloading the app.

Share whatever you want

Picaboo doesn't limit the number of photos and collections you share. You can share any photos, whether they are professional photos, baby photos, or party photos you want to keep under wraps. There are no censorship rules like Instagram or Facebook, because only you and your selected friends can view the photos.

Sharing and privacy is not mutually exclusive.
Use Picaboo to take a quick peek of your life's precious moments securely and privately.

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